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Magical Pop Up: Where Did Caterpillar Go?
趣威文化 好好玩神奇的生命立体书: 毛毛虫去哪儿了


The Magical Pop Up book is designed with many interactive and interesting designs to bring the story to the next level! Whether it’s a lift-a-flap, pull tab or the beautifully illustrated 3D pop ups, this book will definitely impress and wow your child!

Although the tadpoles are born without their parents, they al live happily in the pond. But one day, they found a frightening change in themselves. Their tail were getting shorter and shorter, and it has grown hands and feet.. like a big monster!

This book is compatible with the Smart Little Lion Pen.


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Details & Specs

Title: Magical Pop Up: I Don’t Want To Be A Big Monster - 好好玩神奇的生命立体书:  我不要变大怪物
Author: 七色王国
Publisher:  安徽少年儿童出版社
Language: Simplified Chinese
Age: 3+
Number of Pages: 16