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Magical Pop Up: The Ant Colony
趣威文化 好好玩神奇的生命立体书: 蚂蚁的地下王国


The Magical Pop Up book is designed with many interactive and interesting designs to bring the story to the next level! Whether it’s a lift-a-flap, pull tab or the beautifully illustrated 3D pop ups, this book will definitely impress and wow your child!

Did you know there's a lot of action happening right beneath your feet? Amazing ant colonies are alive underground. The Queen lays eggs. Worker ants feed the Queen and the young. Soldier ants guard the colony from predator attacks. Discover how ants build their nests, communicate, and depend on one another to survive in their huge colonies.

This book is compatible with the Smart Little Lion Pen.

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Details & Specs

Title: Magical Pop Up: The Ant Colony - 好好玩神奇的生命立体书: 蚂蚁的地下王国
Author: 七色王国
Publisher:  安徽少年儿童出版社
Language: Simplified Chinese
Age: 3+
Number of Pages:20