My name is Suzi, the founder of Little Happy Books, and a mom of two.  I grew up in a Cantonese speaking household, while my husband grew up speaking Mandarin, and we communicate in English.

One of our parenting goals is to raise our daughter in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Trying to nurture her in a trilingual household is no easy feat, and finding Chinese resources in Canada proved to be another challenge. With the lack of options for bilingual and trilingual parents like us, I decided to create Little Happy Books.

My wish is to provide parents and caregivers with the best curated collection of Chinese books for their little ones. I want our future generation to embrace their Chinese identity, and I firmly believe that to do so, we must teach and empower them with all the knowledge we can about our beautiful culture and heritage.

Whether you are a fluent native speaker, a parent who can barely read Chinese (like me), a grandparent wishing to read Chinese stories to their grandchildren, or someone who simply wants to learn Chinese – I hope you can find something for your little ones' bookshelf at Little Happy Books.