Food Superman Multiplication Audiobook (Cantonese)
九九乘法有聲書: FOOD超人 (廣東話版)

The classic Cantonese multiplication table rhyme to help children memorize the multiplication arithmetic is now available in a fun audiobook format! 

The Chinese multiplication table consists of eighty-one sentences with four or five Chinese characters per sentence, making it easy for children to learn by heart.

There are two major benefits to learning the Chinese Multiplication Rhyme:

First, it is a fantastic way to learn (or relearn!) numbers in Chinese, since it covers a multitude of numbers, all the way up to ninety-nine. And second, it will only take a millisecond to answer questions such as “What is 2 times 8?” after mastering the rhyme.

With a press of a button, this Food Superman Multiplication Audiobook will teach your young readers the chants to memorize for a lifetime!


  • Multiplication rhymes in Cantonese audio
  • Volume button, with 5 levels of setting
  • Mini multiplication games, to keep your little ones engaged and stimulated
  • 2 AAA batteries are required (not included)
Details & Specs

Title: Food Superman Multiplication Audiobook (Cantonese) - 九九乘法有聲書: FOOD超人 (廣東話版
Author: Windmill
Publisher: Windmill
Language: Traditional Chinese
Age: 3+
Number of Pages:14