Food Superman I Can Brush My Teeth
趣威文化 Food 超人我会刷牙


Let's make brushing teeth fun! Up up! Down Down!

This interactive book with teeth brushing rhymes and sound effects, allows your children listen to music and learn to brush their teeth happily. Follow Food Superman and his animal friends in singing the tooth brushing song, and learning the correct teeth brushing techniques. 

Self-care is an important stage of children's development. Through this simple and fun audiobooks for brushing teeth, children can understand easily and gain independence with their hygiene. 

1. Please use it with a guardian to prevent children from eating this product by mistake.
2. Please take out the battery when not in use for a long time.
3. Do not place the product in hot and humid places, and do not touch fire sources.

 2 AAA batteries are required (included in the book)

Details & Specs

Title: Food Superman I Can Brush My Teeth - Food 超人我会刷牙
Author: Quway
Publisher: Windmill
Format: Audiobook
Language: Simplified Chinese, Mandarin
Age: 2+
Number of Pages:14