Food Superman Chinese Pinyin (Mandarin Audio)
趣威文化 汉语拼音录音魔法学习机

This super fun Pinyin with Mandarin audio book is a great way for children to learn Chinese and the 47 Pinyin letters in an interactive and exciting way.

Additional to Pinyin games, there are also 4 tongue twisters nursery rhymes: "Buying a Tiger", "Hanging a Copper Bell on a Vine", "Catch the Rabbit", "Eight Hundred Model Soldiers Run to the North Slope", to give children more diversified Chinese pinyin learning content.

There are 6 kinds of interactive quiz games:

  1. Learn pinyin: learn Pinyin letters, and press the image and sound patterns to deepen the impression.
  2. Find Pinyin: Find out where the corresponding Pinyin letter is.
  3. Learn the four tones: press the four tones and combine the finals to learn the use of the four tones.
  4. Find the four tones: Find the corresponding four tones.
  5. Learn to read: Try to combine the Pinyin characters to learn pronunciation.
  6. Find spelling: find out the consonant and vowel combination in the question.
Details & Specs
Title: Food Superman Chinese Pinyin Audiobook - 汉语拼音录音魔法学习机
Author: Quway
Publisher: Windmill
Language: Simplified Chinese
Age: 3+