Food Superman: What Time Is It? (Cantonese Audio) - 現在幾點鐘?:廣東話版Food 超人時鐘互動有聲書

  • Meet Food Superman, the friendly character who loves to teach children how to tell time! Join him on an exciting adventure through the world of time and learn how to read time like a pro.

    With interactive quizzes and songs, this audiobook will keep your child engaged from start to finish. Can you turn the hands of the clock to the right time? Give it a try and see if you can solve all the time puzzles! And don't forget to sing along to the catchy Cantonese and English songs about time.

    This audiobook is perfect for children aged 4-7 who are ready to start learning how to tell time. This clock audiobook is the perfect tool to help children learn time effectively and enjoyably. With its fun quiz interactive game, nursery rhymes, and clock exercise book, children will enhance their memory and learning effect. Get ready to become a time-telling expert with Food Superman!