Food Superman Happy Kitchen Play
趣威文化 Food 超人快乐美食家


Food Superman teaches you to cook easily and become a happy little chef!

The Food Superman Happy Kitchen Play is a combination of book and kitchen toy - great to play with at home or you can easily take it with you wherever you’d like.

In the book, Food Superman explains all the cooking ingredients, and you can follow him on how to prepare 8 different dishes for his friends!

Product Features:
Realistic kitchen toys, let children experience the joy of cooking:
Children like to imitate the behavior of adults during the growth stage. This product comes with a cutting boards, pan, oven, plates and other realistic kitchen toys, allowing children to experience the fun of cooking like their parents.

8 delicious dishes, 6 kitchen accessories:
Poached eggs, pizza, steak... Which dish do you like? With 9 kinds of fun sound effects such as washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and beating eggs, as well as sparkling lights to simulate turning on the gas stove and oven, children can experience the fun of cooking.

Follow the recipe and turn into a happy little chef:
The products are matched with the Food Superman recipes. Children are taught which ingredients are used, how to prepare the food, and how to cook it to end up with a delicious meal.

1. Please use it with a guardian to prevent children from eating product parts by mistake.
2. Please take out the battery when not in use for a long time.
3. Do not place the product in a hot and humid place, and do not touch fire sources.

2 AAA batteries are required (included in the book)

Details & Specs

Title: Food Superman Happy Kitchen Play - Food 超人快乐美食家
Author: Quway
Language: Simplified Chinese, Mandarin
Age: 3+
Number of Pages: 26