Bilingual Chinese Flash Cards (Second Series) -【第二輯】觸感全腦圖像中英文字卡 1至150

  • If you enjoyed the first set of sensory flashcards, you'll love this new set! These flashcards teach the next 150 Chinese characters, and they're designed to be just as engaging and effective as the first set.

    These bilingual flashcards are a fantastic tool to help kids start learning Chinese characters! The set includes 300 cards, and will teach 150 different characters.

    On each card, you'll find the character written in both Chinese and English, as well as a tactile sandpaper card for young writers to trace over with their fingers. To help kids connect the character with its meaning, there's also an accompanying picture card with fun illustrations.

    But that's not all! The set comes with a mini magnifying glass that can be used to create an interactive game and help kids master the characters even further. These flashcards are also great for memory games, as they include stroke orders and radicals – the building blocks of characters.

    This set of flashcards is a fun and effective way to introduce children to Traditional Chinese characters and get them started on their language learning journey.